A cool $900,000

4 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2.300 Sf ft | 900,000

I previewed a lovely starter home today in Encino North of the Blvd.   It is conveniently located close to White Oak Blvd and Trader Joe’s.  You can walk to Trader Joe’s, which is awesome, because you all know that the Trader Joe’s parking sucks!!!

For $900,000 you get a home that is totally remodeled.  You just need to bring your bags and unpack.  I really love at this house they didn’t leave anything out.  Often you will see homes remodeled, but they leave the linen closet or the laundry room completely untouched.  This home has had every nook remodeled, linen closets included.   I also liked that the finishes are carried throughout the home, which gives you a seamless, refined and complete look.

The master bedroom is a great size, double vanity and double shower, with a big walk in closet, along with French doors leading to the back patio.    Anyone would love this master bedroom.




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