About Kellie

Brooke Mason Kellie was born and raised in Ireland and graduated from the University of Manchester in England. However, during a summer vacation in 1997 she fell in love with Southern California and decided to make Los Angeles her home. With a family background in farming, real estate, and construction, Kellie has always had a strong interest in land, home building, and design.

Kellie is a consummate, well-respected professional who has built an extensive network of outstanding relationships with neighbors, community leaders, business owners, brokers, and fellow agents throughout California.

As an agent, Kellie is a competent, capable, and effective negotiator. She has a genuine, heartfelt desire to assist clients throughout the entire buying/selling process. Whether buying a first home, upgrading to a new home, downsizing, or experiencing a life event which necessitates a move, Kellie handles her clients’ needs with the utmost integrity and sensitivity.

Why is Kellie different?

Kellie knows what it’s like to move into a new community and learn it from the ground up. Kellie has made Los Angeles County — specifically the San Fernando Valley — her home for ten years. As your agent, Kellie provides substantial insight into your neighborhood including schools, restaurants, and recreation.

Kellie is an exceptionally creative individual with incredible vision who helps buyers explore the potential of any prospective home, and helps sellers market their existing home with savvy intuition and modern resources. Out of the box thinking is Kellie’s speciality.

Above all else, Kellie is committed to providing buyers and sellers with exceptional customer service. She listens to her clients and works diligently to accommodate their needs. Kellie relentlessly pursues the right home for buyers, and faithfully negotiates the best terms for sellers. No problem is too big or too small. Kellie has your back.

Oh, and you are guaranteed a few laughs along the way with Irish Kellie!

“I treat all my clients like family!”

Why does Kellie believe in giving back?

The value of a community is greatly increased when you invest in it yourself. Whether she is donating time at her son’s school and the local community center, or donating money to local charities in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, philanthropy is important to Kellie.  With every transaction Kellie closes, a portion of her commission will be donated to a non profit or local school.  Giving back is part of Kellie’s business model and is very important to her.

“I love giving back, I believe it’s important and as a mother I want to be a role model for my son.  Giving to the community one lives in just feels GOOD!”

What does Kellie do in her free time?

Kellie adores spending time with her 8 year old son.  He is adorable and enjoys checking out houses, watching home make over shows and appearing in Kellie’s marketing campaign.  Kellie loves the music, arts, culture, dancing, beach, ocean, and mountains. Whenever possible she is at the beach with her son boogie boarding till the sun goes down.

Kellie is an avid art lover and teaches art at her son’s school. Her commissioned artwork hangs in the school library.

“I love feeling like I live in a big city, yet I still feel like I have a sense of community in my neighborhood.”